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For over a decade, we have been dedicated to providing biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies with the most innovative and complete service and technology solutions. Focused on the common goal of success in your clinical trial, our teams of exceptional multidisciplinary professionals can cover all of your service needs, from site identification to post-database lock statistical programming, or just specific functional areas in which you may need support.

Leveraging the power of The Single Interface®, Prevail’s clinical operation teams are uniquely advantaged with improved processes, real-time information, and the ability to manage complex issues for better outcomes. Our patented technologies make drug and medical device development easier, faster, and less risky thanks to our pioneering means for integrating, normalizing, reconciling, and presenting the aggregated data, analysis, trends and metrics of all (not just some) study-related data sources through a single-user interface – including investigator sites, diagnostics (labs, imaging, EEG, etc.), IRT, patient diaries, safety, accounting, drug supply chains and any others.

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“Using Prevail, it’s a methodology for understanding your data better. We all see data but we rarely understand what it really means. We actually shortened our development cycle because of this.”

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