Acting as the primary eTMF management party on behalf of our clients, Prevail provides holistic eTMF document management oversight throughout the course of any clinical trial. As part of the managed service of the eTMF, and to mitigate gaps in document oversight or process ambiguity, a custom eTMF plan defining the eTMF roles and responsibilities of all parties, study defined eTMF workflows, and the security of the TMF is prepared and sponsor input is incorporated. Avoid duplicate documents, identify trends and errors, all with Prevail’s patented TMF technology.

Prevail TMF Management
Key Features & Benefits

End to end trial master file management

Prepare trial master file plan

Setup and configure eTMF using DIA reference model

Document collection, reconciliation and maintenance

TMF status reporting

Final TMF delivery

I saved four or five hours a day thanks to your reports because they replace something that was being done manually, quite laboriously.

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TMF Management

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