Take advantage of Prevail’s fully customizable IRT and supplies management system to match any randomization, dispensing, and supplies management need. A secure, proven system and constant improvement keeps Prevail’s Clinical Supplies and Logistics Management the pillar it has been for over a decade.

Prevail Clinical Supplies Management
Key Features & Benefits

Create supplies management plan

IWRS/RTSM: create specifications, build and validate

Perform IP releases

Manage initial and resupply orders, including setup of automated ordering

Coordinate integration and management of packaging and labeling vendors, depots and shippers

IP reconciliation

Support safety unblinding

Wow. Just wow. It’s been 6 short weeks to understand our requirements, put together a whole process, and develop an innovative predictive algorithm that meets our drug supply management requirements. Wow! I am incredibly impressed and grateful to learn about the capabilities of your company and all the people that make up your company.

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Clinical Supplies Management

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