The Single Interface® Preview

The Single Interface® provides a complete and real-time picture of your studies. All of your clinical, diagnostic, operational, logistical, and accounting data is automatically and continually integrated from any source into a central repository, quality controlled, and leveraged with advanced analytics, visualizations, and workflow tools for early observations, optimal decision and process support, and seamless vendor coordination.

The Single Interface® is also your single sign-on for all Prevail clinical trial systems, including EDC, eConsent, eTMF, Safety System, ePRO/eCOA, Grant Navigator for Investigator Payments, RTSM etc.

Your study data all in one place and
real-time analytics to fit your needs

Clinical Information

  • Case Report Forms
  • Diagnostic Data (Imaging, ECG, EEG, Central Reader Reports)
  • Patient Reported Outcome Data
  • Safety Lab Data
  • Specialty Lab Data
  • Rater Data
  • Safety Data
  • Wearables

Budget Information

  • Site Budgets, Earnings, Payments
  • Vendor Budgets, Earnings, Payments
  • Percentage of Completion

Operational Information

  • Enrollment
  • Subject Status
  • Investigational Product Accountability
  • Supply Logistics Data
  • Essential Documents
  • Site Monitoring Information
  • ePRO Monitoring Information
  • Queries
  • Protocol Deviations
  • Reconciliations
  • Timeline Milestones
  • Dose Compliance
  • KPI Metrics
  • Other workflows and processes

Single Sign-on to Prevail Clinical Trial Systems

What Differentiates Prevail

Fast Setup & Launch

The normal implementation period of the Single Interface® is 4-7 weeks, which is done by Prevail under a software-as-a-service model, including all data integrations, visualizations, and reporting engines.

Process Optimization

Automate labor-intensive manual tasks to proactively manage key deliverables and enable predictive modeling so you are always one step.

24x7 Data Monitoring

Aggregated data is normalized, reconciled and reported with as much automation as possible, including triggered alerts and other role-based messaging.

Ongoing Integration & Reconciliation

The Single Interface® provides early observations of aggregated data for reconciliation, taking advantage of tools and systems integrations to support holistic views and timely role-based reporting.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the value we provide that we offer a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Unique Capabilities

Developing software to solve major challenges unique to clinical trials, leading to important innovations reflected in 17 US patents (296 claims) with broad applicability.

Deep Experience

20+ years of clinical operations experience, from Phase I to Phase IV, in hundreds of trials in every major therapeutic area. Personnel with decades of clinical trial and engineering know how.

Validated Systems

Our systems are validated and delivered according to US and International regulations, such as 21 CRF Part 11/Annex 11 and ICH GCPs.

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