To ensure proper pricing in project budget and change order negotiations with vendors and clinical sites, Prevail’s clinical project accounting team leverages extensive libraries of benchmark pricing information, a massive up-to-date vendor database, and patented Business Analysis tools to standardize, normalize, and equalize budgets. Leverage Prevail’s Grant Navigator™️ system to automatically reconcile clinical site invoices with their budgets and completed activities so that the sponsor is never paying more than it should, while managing the sponsor’s preferred invoice approval and payment process for clinical sites and vendors.

Prevail Contracting & Project Accounting
Key Features & Benefits

Develop and negotiate contracts for investigator sites and suppliers

Develop and negotiate investigator site budgets

Validate and process payments to investigator sites and suppliers based on customer's preferred method

Prevail Grant Navigator™️ automates invoice reconciliation process for greater accuracy

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Contracting & Project Accounting

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