Clinical monitoring is the first line of defense for patient safety and data quality. They are the boots on the ground that see the actual source of the data and the interworking of how it is collected to ensure it is per protocol and ICH/GCP compliant. The strength of Prevail’s clinical monitoring corps is their understanding of the study, patients, and interpersonal relationships with sites. This includes both our in-house North American monitors and our extensive network of trusted monitors around the globe.

Prevail Clinical Monitoring
Key Features & Benefits

Clinical monitoring plan

Site visits and monitoring reports

Remote and risk-based monitoring

Site-based and data risk identification and mitigation

Site support

A tremendous thanks to you, the CRAs, and EVERYONE on the Prevail Team for undertaking and completing such phenomenally hard work (well into the wee hours) getting every thread tied in for database locks for C2 and C3. We are impressed, delighted and incredibly appreciative.

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Clinical Monitoring

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