Project managers are the primary point of contact for sponsors and are vital to the success of any study. Prevail Project Management knows that understanding, control, and coordination of the respective components of the clinical trial team are paramount to success. Leadership, attention to detail, and communication are the hallmarks of our proven project management. With dozens of successful trials under their belts, no PMs are more trusted than Prevail’s in-house team.

Prevail Project Management
Key Features & Benefits

Oversight and coordination of all functional groups and vendors

Development of the project plans

Study start-up strategy

Recruitment strategy

Management of study timelines, risks, and budget

Advocate for your study

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a fantastic job the team is doing. Delivering, responding, following up, proactive management of us as the sponsor, willingness to help, professionalism, etc., etc.. They really are a great team. Huge thanks to the both of you and the entire team for your patience, support, and teamwork!

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Project Management

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