Your study needs automated workflow tools that reduce complexity and workload rather than increase it. Prevail’s integrated CTMS with Clinical Monitoring lets you easily track the progress of your study, including startup, enrollment, status of site data entry / monitoring / cleaning, upcoming patient visit dates, actual versus projected enrollment, and much more. Aggregated, cross-study visualizations let you easily identify critical trends and risks across a program instead of a single study.

Provide Real-Time Monitoring Visibility to Improve Study Success

Prevail’s Clinical Monitoring provides advanced visibility to sponsors and project managers on overall work performed versus work remaining.

Your teams get real-time dashboards showing key monitoring metrics on recruitment, enrollment, SDV, CRF locking, query tracking and other indicators while allowing anyone to drill down to the site, patient, CRA or task level.

Prevail Clinical Monitoring Key
Features & Benefits

Cross-Functional Dashboards

Dashboards provide each stakeholder with role-based information they need to oversee, assess, and perform clinical monitoring.

Auto-Generate To Do Lists

Instead of devoting precious time on-site to both identifying and solving problems, equip monitors with auto-generate task lists, a.k.a. “Don’t fly home without it!” lists.

Remote Trip Report Management

Track monitoring reports by having CRAs upload documents directly into the system, allowing for remote review and approval.

Filter & Drill-Down

Find room for improvement by viewing progress by site, monitor or patient. Notice an issue and drill-down to identify actionable details and assign tasks.

“A tremendous thanks to you, the CRAs and EVERYONE on the Prevail Team for undertaking and completing such phenomenally hard work (well into the wee hours) getting every thread tied in for database locks for C2 and C3. We are impressed, delighted and incredibly appreciative.``

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