Prevail’s ePRO/eCOA system is easy to configure and use, giving you real-time access to patient-reported data with quality and compliance controls as well as detailed analytics.

Increase Patient Engagement and Compliance with Your Protocol

Prevail’s patient reporting tools gives you visibility and management control over patient engagement and compliance to better assess outcomes.

Questionnaires are quickly created from our pre-populated library, and new questions and forms can be easily added based on your protocol. Once implemented, automated patient directed reminders promote compliance, algorithms help ensure data accuracy and consistency, and monitoring and reporting engines provide proactive oversight.

Prevail Electronic Clinical Outcomes
Assessment Key Features & Benefits

Easy to Configure

Questionnaires can be created from a library of questions and forms, and new questions and forms can be easily created and added.

Easy for Study Teams to Use

EDC and RTSM integrations automatically add subjects and activate/drive their timeline in the ePRO/eCOA system so that there is less work for the study team. Since Prevail can provide tablets to collect the data or the patients can securely access the questionnaires on their own device, it is also easy for the patient.

Easy to Manage Compliance

Reporting tools monitor compliance at Study, Patient or Site level, while alert messaging reminds patients to be compliant while algorithms check the entered data for quality issues.

Easy to Use and Review Data

Real-time visualizations and listings of the datasets is always just a click away at the patient or measure level.

“I saved four or five hours a day thanks to your reports because they replace something that was being done manually, quite laboriously.”

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