Whether you have room-temperature stable product or a more complex study involving autologous cell therapy, Prevail InfoWorks can scale down or up to meet your needs.

With our patented technology platform, Prevail delivers fast, accurate, and controlled randomization and trial supplies management while keeping your budget in check.

Gain Control Over Your Complete Clinical Trial Supply Chain

Prevail’s unique RTSM solution aggregates real-time data from every component of the clinical supply chain, providing the visibility and control you need to reduce inefficiencies, waste, and errors – enhancing patient safety and trial success.

Prevail Randomization & Trial Supply Management
Key Features & Benefits

Fast Set-up

A drag-and-drop configuration system allows for fast system set-up and easily accommodates multiple doses, cohorts, strata, or stages in adaptive designs. Training materials are provided to help sites and depot partners get up to speed faster.

Just-in-time Delivery

An integrated randomization and supply system allows for enrollment to dictate how much drug stock is needed at a particular site, reducing the amount of excess inventory necessary to be held in waiting. Sophisticated forecasting and triggers reduces manufacturing, packaging and shipping costs and reduces the amount of drug needed to be destroyed and accounted for at the end of the study.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of all inventory levels, whether at the site, country depot, production or packaging distribution center or elsewhere. Track shipments via all major carriers to ensure timely delivery. Manage this supply chain thanks to integrations, barcode scanning and custom phone or web interfaces – whatever it takes to get the job done.

Centralized Coordination

Having one place to manage the entire supply chain minimizes risk of delays and helps deal with complexities such as import/export requirements, multiple regional shippers and multiple kits per site or patient.

Manage Complexity

Whether you have multiples vials of materials that need to be mixed at the site pharmacy or an autologous stem cell product with days of stability, the Prevail system is flexible to accommodate any challenge.

Mid-Course Changes

Instead of a simple out-of-the-box system, the Prevail solution allows for amendments, corrections and emergency redistributions on the fly so that lessons learned and changing realities can be incorporated instead of worked around.

Track Temperature, Stability and Expiry

Ensure that study medications never go beyond acceptable temperatures or expiry dates with automated tracking and alerts.

Adaptive or Complex Randomization

The Interactive Web Randomization system can be programmed to account for any study design, randomization style, number/type of cohorts, balancing of strata and decision-tree of stages.

“Wow. Just wow. It’s been 6 short weeks to understand our requirements, put together a whole process, and develop an innovative predictive algorithm that meets our drug supply management requirements. Wow!”

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