The Prevail Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) not only provides a paperless and automated system for collecting essential documents but helps identify gaps and manage workflow processes across multiple team members and functional groups in real-time.

Improve TMF Compliance
with Less Effort

The Prevail eTMF with Site Launch Logistics System manages the workflow and documentation for site startup, including all required regulatory documentation.

The system provides cloud-based, direct TMF access for all study stakeholders from anywhere in the world, providing detailed reporting and multi-level dashboards.

Prevail eTMF & Document Management
Key Features & Benefits

Improve Site Launch

Proactively manage all the steps to getting sites up and enrolling by assigning and tracking responsibility, with alerts triggered by non-performance. Track percentage of completion by site, monitor, country or region.

Track Essential Document Collection

Instead of relying on excel trackers, ensure that sponsor or CRO project managers and consultants can see the progress of collecting essential documents in real-time.

Paperless TMF

Ensure you have access to all essential documents remotely and at the touch of a button, even if your sites are spread across three continents. Quality Control and yearly reviews are improved by allowing auditors and managers to review documents from anywhere in the world.

Configurable categories and eCTD

Site Start-up steps or documents can be grouped according to sponsor preferences and regulatory documents can be filed in an eCTD structure to facilitate eventual NDA submissions.

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