TruPoints® BD Operating System

Prevail’s patented system supports your business development strategies

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Safety System One-Pager

Our innovative and modular safety system makes safety and risk management easy, compliant, and affordable for any life sciences company.

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RTSM One-Pager

Prevail’s patented RTSM technology platform delivers fast, accurate, and controlled randomization and trial supplies management while keeping your budget in check.

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eTMF One-Pager

Prevail’s eTMF provides a paperless and automated system for collecting essential documents, while helping identify gaps and manage workflow processes across multiple team members and functional groups in real-time.

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Analytics Case Study: How a Small Company Succeeded Where Dozens Had Failed

Discover how researchers with timely, direct access to high-value visualizations and early observations across every aspect of their studies were able to achieve the first-ever FDA approval in a challenging indication – while saving time, effort, and cost.

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Analytics One-Pager

Prevail’s innovative analytics provide timely, data-driven insights into live studies, regardless of protocol, data, and system complexity – all without breaking the blind. Improve study success with early observations of aggregated data across your studies and programs.

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