Prevail Partners Video

Learn about Prevail Partners, our affiliated life sciences corporate strategic investor.

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CEO Virtual Booth Welcome 2021

Short welcome message from our CEO.

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Analyzing Data in Live Studies Without Unblinding or Spending Alpha

Learn how your to obtain real-time efficacy and safety signals from your clinical trial data without breaking the blind.

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Commonly Overlooked Issues in CRO Selection — and How to Address Them

Compile several lessons learned from decades of CRO procurement experience in order to make sure that an initial procurement strategy is set up to make the entire duration of the study successful.

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Applied Clinical Trials Webinar: How Unified Insight Into Live Data Helped One Sponsor Succeed Where Many Others Failed

In this case study webinar, you will discover how a North American pharmaceutical company’s innovative development program for an autoimmune disease treatment succeeded, when more than 30 drugs from other sponsors for the same indication had failed.

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Video: Turning Supply Disasters to Success – Case Studies

Discover how Prevail’s unique RTSM technology and expert services have helped overcome even the most complex trial supply challenges – complicated further by the global pandemic.

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Video: Achieving the Promise and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Decentralized (Virtual) Clinical Trials

Watch this expert presentation to hear valuable lessons learned and case studies on making decentralized clinical trials successful.

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